texts messages

This is another annoyance that is caused by people who actually do know the DJ.
So, although I don’t complain to your face, this is how I really feel-
If I say to you “come by tonight, the party should be hot.”
Don’t text me with
“Yo, how’s it gonna be tonight?”
Or “Is the party crackin’ yet?”
Or “Can you get my friend in? She’s only 14, but looks older.”
I told you to come by, so just come by
(but leave the jailbait at home, you creep)
For the love of God, please don’t text with “Can you come get me in?”
I’m DJing right now! I can’t leave the booth to come grab you out of line
and hold your hand as I escort you in to the club.
And once you do get to the party, don’t text me with requests.
I get enough annoying requests from the drunk girls on the dancefloor.
The last thing I need is for you to be blowing up my phone
asking me to play some Justin Beiber for your girl
(what did I say about her, man?!?)
I only want to use my phone for emergencies.  
And possibly for checking Twitter and my Facebook fan page.  
And, ok, maybe for booty calls

3 Responses to “texts messages”

  1. 2 Robert
    August 31, 2011 at 5:25 AM

    Had a couple of those yesterday. Highlight of the evening: Some friends of mine, stumbles into the booth asking if I didn’t have my phone with me. “I tried to call you like 6 times, texted you, facebooked you and you don’t answer?” WTF! How am I supposed to dig crates, ride the pitch and at the same time stare at a cellphone-screen for a Red Alert? Also, vibrations from a cellphone and those from the monitors are quite the same in my pockets.. AND NO! I won’t hear the ringtone through my headphones. Also, the PA is blasting so wouldn’t even hear me if I answered.

    “..well ..we came here for you buddy. YOU! So get us some beers and come hang out at our (reserved out of kindness by me) table. That’s the least you could do to make up for it.”

    Free beers are for my girlfriend!
    She is also the only person i would EVER allow in the booth with me.

  2. 3 Frank
    September 2, 2012 at 2:52 PM

    Umm…why not just shut your phone off while you’re working? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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