“can you hold my coat?”

Many clubs and bars have Coat Check in the cooler months.
They offer a secure place to leave your coat for a nominal fee.
There are usually many signs showing where Coat Check is available.
Usually it’s right near the entrance or near the restrooms.
You know where it NEVER is? THE DJ BOOTH!
So don’t walk up and throw your jacket on my equipment.
Or ask me to hold your purse, hat, cape, or whatever.
Of course, there’s not always a Coat Check.  In those cases, follow these guidelines.
If you are friends with me, ask yourself
“Is this really important? Is there no where else to leave my stuff?”
If you are a DJ who has worked at the same club, don’t assume you own the booth.
Be as nice as possible when asking (maybe offer a shot, too.)
If you don’t know me, but really need to stash your coat,
be polite and offer a tip (maybe offer a shot, too.)
If you are some random loud cross-eyed drunk who doesn’t know me,
just throw your coat on the floor.
Chances are it’s going to end up with dirt, piss, and/or vomit on it anyway.

1 Response to ““can you hold my coat?””

  1. November 14, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    Can you hold my purse.. It only took one time.. HEY where is my $20.00, its gone. thank god for a camera in the booth. slapped her right down..

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